Monday, November 19, 2007

Once Again: A Linkedin "T.H.A.N.K.S.G.I.V.I.N.G."

As an adult, Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday not just because of the abundance of good food and great football games but, rather, because of the limitless value contained in the word "Thanks".  For that reason, I'm happy to revisit the "T.H.A.N.K.S.G.I.V.I.N.G. acronym I created specifically to memorialize my appreciation of the business value I've derived from working on Linkedin.*

Top Twelve Reasons I'm Giving Thanks to Linkedin on Thanksgiving*

T - Trust - It's not the technology, it's the trust.  This is such a vitally important issue because we know that even for technology companies, technology alone is not enough.  How many businesses have you seen that have forgotten that the first brick in building business is building trust?   I'm glad that Linkedin has included this in the matrix of things with which they're building their business.  Linkedin's founders and leaders have repeatedly answered the questions and concerns of MLPF members and have responded with aplomb even to our misbehavior. :-)   (I trust they know that we're not incorrigible!:-)) Though they can't possibly participate everywhere they're wanted, their participation matters.  And I'm thankful that they have participated here on MLPF.

H - Hopefulness - Some may think this is a "pablum" concept, "baby food" not meant for grownup business people, that it isn't important.   But think of this: Would you return to Linkedin if you were not hopeful of improving your business/career with it?   My experience with Linkedin has proven that I can find what I hope to find, what I desire to find in Linkedin.  I have high hopes for my Linkedin success.

A - Abundance - Um, size does matter.    But just as America doesn't have to have the largest population in order to offer the world rich opportunities, nor does Linkedin.  It doesn't have to be the biggest in order to offer tremendous value to its members.  But it just so happens that at 15 Million users, it is one of the largest business networking platforms.   Linkedin had to reach a critical mass in order for its base to be encouraged that they can find what they need there.   But Linkedin has grown and grown and grown - for over 4 years.  That consistent, high rate of growth translates into just one rich word: ABUNDANCE - capitalized ABUNDANCE.

N - Network - As with all others on Linkedin, I had a network before I put my profile on Linkedin.   But Linkedin has allowed me to amplify my network.  The amplified version of my network is valuable to me.   And it's of value to those who were in my network prior to our joining Linkedin.   Linkedin helps me help my network better, more powerfully through the extension of the "roots" of my network.

K - Knowledge - There is all kinds of knowledge available to us these days.   But Linkedin improves my business knowledge by permitting me to more easily look at the information of millions now within my reach.  But not only that, Linkedin permits me to look at that information with an added dimension: a chance to know who knows those whom I know.

S - Speed.   There are a number of things I thought of for the letter "S" in making this acronym for "T.H.A.N.K.S.G.I.V.I.N.G.": success, strategy, system, etc.  But I chose "Speed" because speed matters in our businesses and in our careers.   Linkedin is the speediest professional way to meet the professionals I want to meet for my business without the risks associated with spamming.  I've met thousands more people through Linkedin than through any competing vehicle over a comparable period of time.

G - Growth - Some things are better bigger.  I believe that's the case with my business.  I believe it would be better if it were bigger.  Linkedin gives me the most solid chance I'm aware of to do just that: make my business better by making my business bigger.  Growing my business via Linkedin has proven to be the most effective means of being a bigger business.  (In this case, bigger isn't just about adding new employees.)

I - Interdependence - Linkedin is about hand-in-hand networking.  I help you.  You help me.  And that's the way it's supposed to be! :-)  I'll take the initiative in finding who I need and in determining what I need from them.  But I need your help in reaching them.  In turn, I'll be there for you when you need me.  You can depend on it! :-)

V - Value - Linkedin is a virtual vehicle that translates my efforts into real-world value.  It's value we seek.  And it's value we get when we approach Linkedin the right way.  (The way we use it DOES matter.)

I - Independence - I have never stopped thinking about Ralph Waldo Emerson's essay "Self-Reliance" since the first day I read it as part of my high school homework assignment many years ago.  (In the ensuing years, I've given away many audio copies of my reading it aloud.  In the not too distant future, I hope to make it and others available on MP3.)  Many seem to think that self-reliance, independence obviates or cancels out interdependence.  My view is that that is not the case.  We SHOULD do as much as we can possibly do on our own.  That's independence, that's self-reliance.   Once we've done our part and there's more that needs to be done, then we should readily reach out for the hands of others.  We don't have to feel shy or otherwise uncomfortable in reaching out.   Once we've done our part we shouldn't let trivialities interfere with our asking for help.  Being independent doesn't mean we have to pretend to be omnipotent.    Clearly, we should not reach out just for the sake of reaching out.  We should reach out when there is a clear need to do so.   Linkedin is a superb vehicle for those of us who need to independently do business - on our own.  But it's a better vehicle when we discover how to use it interdependently, in working with others.

N - Needs - If I need nothing, Linkedin is of no value to me.   But if I do have a business need, Linkedin offers abundant business solutions for my needs.  I like that.  I like that because I have LOTS of business needs.  I need lots of things for my business to become better.  I'm thankful that Linkedin makes it easier for me to meet those needs.

G - Goals - Goals help you, force you to target a time to satisfy your need.  My needs become goals only when I set a time to meet those needs.  When I associate a time to reach a goal, I can use Linkedin more effectively.   Linkedin becomes more powerful to me.    If I don't have a goal with an associated time frame in mind, I'm not ready to take advantage of Linkedin's power.  

The Baker's Dozen Reason: YOU!!

Man, have I met some OUTSTANDING people via Linkedin!   Beyond any other matter, today, I'm thankful for meeting YOU!!

I'm hopeful  today that my networking goals are starting to sufficiently crystallize so that I can either independently or interdependently address my needs of growing my business as speedily as possible via the abundant value Linkedin offers me through its trusted knowledge-base.

Here's wishing you and yours have abundant reasons to be thankful.

Vincent Wright
*Originally published on 11.24.2005 ( )

Friday, June 29, 2007

I Dream Of Linkedin Strings (Linkedin I.D.O.L.S.)

Have you ever dreamed on being on a show such as the pop hit "American Idol"? ( )

Many of you have watched or at least have heard of this pop juggernaut.  

And being a group dedicated to Linkedin, it's safe to assume all of you have used Linkedin.  

But have you thought of using Linkedin to search for YOUR idol, idols YOU need for your business, career, or social cause?

Linkedin is rich with people who can help you with all manner of things.  The thing is, you have to find them.  And finding them requires searching.   Fortunately, Linkedin provides multiple ways to find in the following tabbed categories:

Job & Hiring
Services and

(NOTE: While the above are the 4 categories you can search in, the drop down search function on Linkedin shows only 3: People, Jobs, and Answers ("Services" and "People" seem to yield the same results.))

Getting back to our American Idol example, if you have an interest in getting to know people on the show, here are a few basic Linkedin strings.

  1. "American Idol" (219 results)
  2. "" (20 results) (Doesn't have to be capitalized)
  3. (Domains are treated like one word so, don't have to be in quotes.  (20 results. Same as #2, above) (Doesn't have to be capitalized)
  4. "Fox Interactive Media" (550+ results)
  5. "Paula Abdul" (American Idol)
  6.  "Simon Cowell" (American Idol)
  7. "Randy Jackson" (American Idol)
  8. "Paula Abdul" OR "Simon Cowell" OR "Randy Jackson"
Not only do the above search terms yield hundreds of people for you to meet, they also yield specific people you can meet.

And Oh! they also reveal at least one Executive-level job

By the way: Our international members might want to check for IDOLS using these Linkedin strings:
"Canadian Idol"
"Australian Idol"
"Idols West Africa"
"Indian Idol"
"Indonesian Idol"
"New Zealand Idol"
"Philippine Idol"
"Hay superstar"
"Nouvelle Star"
"Deutschland sucht den SuperStar"
"Singapore Idol"
"Malaysian Idol"
"Music Idol"
"Ídolos Brazil"
"Ídolos Portugal" and
"Super Star"

So, American or not, I hope you find YOUR IDOLS! :-)

Vincent Wright
Chief Encouragement Officer | |
"Employment Solves Problems"

Thursday, May 31, 2007

Just Ask Yourself: "Does Every Relationship Always Grow Our Networks?" (JAY DERAGON)

A paraphrase of the parable of the seed sower and the networker:

•1. The networker sows relationship seeds
•2. The seeds falling on the road represent those who hear, but
dismiss relationships straight away - they don't immediately sense the
•3. The seeds falling on the rocks represent those who hear, but only
accept it shallowly - these sorts of people reject relationships as
soon as they cause them affliction or pain
•4. The seeds falling on thorns represent those who hear and who take
the relationship to heart, but allow wordly concerns, such as money,
to choke the relationship
•5. The seeds falling on good soil represents those who hear, and who
truly understand relationships and who work on it causing the
relationship to bear fruit.

In a nutshell: we may spread our networking efforts in many different
places but, not all of our sowing will bear fruit. If we
understand this, it will help us to be more at peace with our
networking efforts because we don't expect a rocky road to yield fruit
the same way that fertile soil does.

As professional networkers, we know that not every relationship will
always grow our networks.

So, as you're contemplating the how and the why and the worth of
developing your network, Just Ask Yourself: "Does Every Relationship
Always Grow Our Networks?" (JAY DERAGON)

Vincent Wright
Chief Encouragement Officer | |
"Linked In To Help. Linked In To Profit."

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

B.L.O.G.S. - Top 5 Joys of Using Linkedin

I've been a little behind in some of my writing this week but, I posted the "Top 5 Joys of Using Linkedin: B.L.O.G.S." as my contributing exercise to Darren Rowse's "Top 5 - Group Writing Project":

For your convenience, I'm including the essence of the BLOGS post, here:

Most people think about in terms of its sitemap.

While the Linkedin sitemap is good for finding information about, I prefer thinking about Linkedin in terms of "BLOGS", (Business; Likeability; Objectives; Growth; Speed.)

Business – For some of us who've been on Linkedin a long time, it's easy to forget how challenging business was pre-Linkedin. It's incredible how much "dead-data" I have left over from my sales and recruiting days from the 80's and 90's. It took a lot of work to assemble all that stuff from so many places which would help us get to know our prospects and clients better. Now with the Linkedin platform, it's so easy to get living, relevant data that we can sometimes forget how to creatively use it for our businesses and careers.

Likeability – I like likeability! Wait. Let me rephrase that: I LOVE likeability! Linkedin is about being well, um, "linked in". Being "linked in" is about togetherness. Togetherness is the very essence of what a "business" is. "Business togetherness" is the whole purpose of the Linkedin platform. But what I like about the latest iteration of Linkedin is that I only have to be linked in with professionals I like. And I like this because likeability matters to me. And you know, even if you focused of working with only likeable people and if you liked only 1 percent of Linkedin's 10 Million members, you could still end up with a HUGE personal network of likeable professionals on Linkedin! (100,000, actually. Which is the size of some fairly established networks.) By the way: I like introducing people I like! Wait. I LOVE introducing people I like!

Objectives – If I establish my business objectives, if I get clear on them and then take them to Linkedin, I'm pretty sure that I can find someone among Linkedin's 10,000,000 members who can help me meet my most critical business objectives. And let's not forget: It's only meeting your business objectives that can make Linkedin a joy. If you don't meet your business objectives, Linkedin is just an idea, a concept, an electronic addiction. But, IF you can MEET your objectives, Linkedin is a joy – pure joy. It's meeting the objectives that brings the joy.

G - Growth - I believe my small business would be better if it were bigger. Linkedin gives me the best chance I'm aware of to do just that: make my business better by growing my business via the people I meet through Linkedin. Linkedin has proven to be the most effective means of helping me grow my small business into a bigger, better business. (By the way: Bigger isn't just about adding new employees. Often it's about adding more clients.)

S - Speed matters in our businesses and in our careers. If speed didn't matter, of course everyone would be guaranteed to be successful merely because we could take all the time we wanted in building our businesses. But we don't have all the time in the world. Time pushes us. Time presses hard on us. Time crushes us. Time either helps us or hurts us. So, tools that can help up speed up the achievement of our business objectives are a joy. For me, personally, Linkedin is a joy in the sense of helping me speed up the acquisition of new clients and it helps me speed up my interaction with them. Linekdin is still the speediest professional way to meet the professionals I want to meet for my business without the risks associated with spamming. I've met thousands of professional people via Linkedin that I wouldn't have met otherwise.

So, my Top 5 Joys of Linkedin can be summarized in BLOGS.

How about you, what are your Top 5 Joys of Linkedin?
Vincent Wright
Chief Encouragement Officer | |
"Encouraging Networking"

Friday, April 27, 2007

A.P.R.I.L. Every Month!

It never ceases to amaze me how Life just interjects itself into the
"best laid schemes of mice and men".

I started off the month of April with the hopes of introducing you to
30 wonderful people I've gotten to know better via my work with

But, alas, because "Life happens", some of those I wanted to introduce
you to will not be introduced until after the month of April.

And I certainly think it would be a loss to wait until April 2008 to
introduce some of the great people we know.

But that's when it dawned on why not make A.P.R.I.L. .EVERY month? :-)

After all, the concept is about Acknowledging Positive Relationships
In Linkedin!

There are thousands upon thousands of good people with plenty of
positive relationships on Linkedin. (Aren't we all just hungering to
meet some of those outstanding people? ;-))

So, that being said, let's have A.P.R.I.L. EVERY month, ok? :-)

Vincent Wright
Chief Encouragement Officer | | |
"Encouraging Linkedin Users"

Friday, April 13, 2007

The A.P.R.I.L. Awards: Acknowledging Positive Relationships In Linkedin

I'm a little behind schedule as to where I wanted to be in
acknowledging positive relationships in Linkedin during the month of
APRIL but, it's still my desire and my intention to share profiles of
people who inspire me.

I honestly believe you and I will be more willing to learn about
Linkedin and its technology if we talk not just about Linkedin's
technology but also about some of the really cool people there. For
example, those of us who love the taste of coconut believe that it's
worth dealing with the tough outer shell in order to get to the reward
of sweet juice and fruit inside. Especially if the fruit is used to
make coconut cakes the way my grandmother use to make when I was a boy
in South Carolina! :-)

Linkedin was roughly 20% of its current size when I first became an
enthusiast 2 years ago. So, I know that there are even more good
people I want to acknowledge. But I certainly don't know all the
great people in Linkedin so don't just wait for me - if you want to
acknowledge positive relationships in Linkedin, I encourage you to be
my guest! :-)

Vincent Wright
Chief Encouragement Officer | |
"Encouraging Linkedin Users"

Monday, February 05, 2007

REMINDER: You EARN Success! (YES!)

You EARN Success!

Have you ever thought about this?:  Success is IMPOSSIBLE without earning it.

Let me clarify...

While there may be all kinds of blessings and other good things in the world, success, of necessity, is something which you EARN.

It can't be had ANY OTHER WAY!

You may accidentally get rich and have all the apparent benefits associated with being a rich person.  But you're rich without being successful.   (To be honest, some days, I'd just as soon settle for this way! :-))

Becoming successfully rich is something which you earn.  

It must be something which you INTEND to do, PLAN to do, and then, DO!.

What say you?

Do You EARN Success?

I say "YES!"

Vincent Wright
Chief Encouragement Officer | ||
"Encouraging You.  Encouraging The World"
(A 7 minute mediation by Vincent Wright.   5 Feb 2007)